Azure BCDR Helps Your Company to Sustain Business

Posted by Antonius Edwin Liu on December, 04 2018


Business challenge nowadays constrains us to focus on the infrastructure matter, while we are supposed to focus on the main business itself. For that issue, we offer you one of the best solution to manage the infrastructure failure, that is to create BCDR, Azure BCDR to be more specific.

Azure BCDR provides the services to take care of your server’s problem and sustain your business into the cloud. Also, it costs you less money than the old time where you must create datacentre for DRC only, not to mention that this datacentre needs more money to maintain. Meanwhile, with Azure BCDR you are getting more than that in very cheap and easy way; you only pay for what you use, and when it idles it does not charge you.

The old BCDR vs Azure BCDR

Your datacentre costs you 100 million, BCDR will cost you 100 million

However, if you use Azure, you will only pay for Rp 335,000/ month (mandatory) + virtual machine cost (it will charge only when you switch your primary server to azure).


On-premise BCDR

Azure Cloud BCDR









Site recovery




VM (only charge when disaster happen)

This table shows the comparison between datacentre and BCDR. Every month you only need to pay for Rp 335,000 for 1 server, you don’t need to create a mirror of your datacentre anymore. Also, CAPEX for BCDR can be moved to OPEX which costs you more effectively if you do it with Azure BCDR.

If you interested in Azure BCDR, we can also provide you with Cloud Protection Suite Implementation Package:
-          Up to 5x protection instances – configuration only
-          Network bandwidth assessment
-          Network throttling with supported OS
-          Azure recovery drill + half-day Azure workshop

For the first 3 customers, we give this implementation for free, what you need to do is only subscribe to azure site recovery + azure vm + azure backup.

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