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“Cost Optimization with IoT, Office Productivity, and Virtual Reality”

Posted by Rafika Mayasari on December, 04 2018

Comprehensive yet simple – wrapped demonstration, suits the topic for “Cost Optimization with IoT, Office Productivity, and Virtual Reality”. It demonstrates how IoT, Office 365, and VR can ease you in doing your work and help you a lot in terms of optimization, effectivity, and efficiency.



On the first presentation, we explain about how to otimize your cost with Internet of Things (IoT)

It relates to a Smart Building, which has 4 basic platforms:
a.     Services Management à centralized monitoring & operations process flow, alerts & work order, and, broadcast & notification
b.     Asset & People Tracking à asset lifecycle & inventory management, tracking of asset or people, maintenance management, mobile field positioning, inspection application, and, access control
c.     Building Performance à energy & utilities management, chiller plant/AHU/FCU system, elevator maintenance, early warning fire safety, and, smart surveillance (crowd sensing & mood monitoring)
d.     Workspace Management à tenant engagement, meeting rooms & facilities booking, occupancy comfort & environmental sensing, and, access control enhancement 

Why Office 365? is our second presentation

Among its various advantages, one which comes up easily to the surface is; it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, of course as long as you have an internet connection, but who doesn’t have an internet connection in this era, right?


It continues to Office 365 full suit of features on collaboration, secure environment, reliability, and scalability. You can be more productive everywhere, work together easily, and simplify but stay in control.

Finally, along with our dear colleague, FX Media, you can make road safety training safer and more exciting experiences with Virtual Reality.

Near by the end of the event, we pick one fortunate participant to take out IDR 500.000 MAP Voucher. Meet the lucky person who wins the lucky draw, congratulations Pak Sam!



The event was held on:

Day/ Date         : Thursday/ May 3rd, 2018

Venue               : Penang Bistro, Central Park Mall, 1st floor, Unit 112A, South Jakarta

Time                 : 10 AM – 2 PM

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*This event is cooperation between PT. Cybermax Indonesia, PT. Synnex Metrodata Indonesia, and FX Media