Café Talk

"Industry 4.0 Transformation in Manufacturing & Logistics"

Posted by Rafika Mayasari on January, 02 2019

This is a collaborating event with HashMicro, Synnex Metrodata, and Microsoft Indonesia. HashMicro presents their ERP, while Cybermax presents Azure BCDR and IoT. Eastern Logistics as Cybermax's current customer also joins and showcases their experience in working with Cybermax.

Edwin from Cybermax points out that Cybermax has 2 main IoT solutions; Smart Building and Smart Logistics. On Smart Building, we can monitor the air conditioner, electricity, water, and many things, which can help to do preventative action by getting quick report. Smart Logistics on the other hand can help to track the fleet mobility, create virtual boundaries for fleets that will give signal if the the fleet crosses virtual boundaries, and analize a report for each fleet.Besides IoT, Edwin also explains the advantage of using Azure BCDR. Azure BCDR provides the services to take care of your server's problem and sustain your business into the cloud. Also, it costs you less money than the old time where you must create data center for DRC only, not to mention that company needs more money to maintain this data center. Meanwhile, with Azure BCDR you are getting more in very cheap and easy way; you only pay for what you use and it does not charge you when it idles.

Cybermax also invites Surya from Eastern Logistics to showcase a testimony in working with Cybermax under a project called Lamongan Shorebasea digital transformation project. Surya states that the biggest impact of adopting digital transformation is on financial division, where previously most of the employee had to work overtime to complete the report. But now, it only takes minutes.

Not only preparing the presentations, but in this event we also prepare 3 giveaway items for 3 lucky participants.

The event is held on:
Day/ Date         Tuesday/ December 11th, 2018
Venue              : Ibis Hotel, Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 35, Central jakarta
Time                12.00  - 4.00 PM